Obesity: The number one cause of illness and death in pets!

Did you know that an overweight pet has increased risk of heart disease, kidney failure, pancreatitis, cancer, dental disease, joint problems, back pain, and other illnesses?

Salt Creek Vet Clinic now offers a Weight Management Exam for $20! 
It includes: a technician examination to evaluate the general health of your pet, a professional analysis of your pet’s current and ideal weight, a weight-loss plan customized to your pet’s individual needs, a discount on Hill’s Science Diet Foods purchased the same day, $10 off a dental cleaning scheduled the same day, and $10 off a follow-up appointment reserved the same day!  The value is up to $55.00!

Meal Feeding:  Feeding your pet in “meal feedings” as opposed to “free feeding” can greatly help weight loss and blood glucose management!  When you free feed, your pet will typically eat more than they need to eat because they munch throughout the day.  Feeding a set amount twice a day helps to regulate their diet and caloric intake, as well as regulate the peaks in their blood sugar throughout the day.  This applies to cats and dogs of all ages.

Science Diet has a variety of foods for every animal:  from prescription diets for animals prone to urinary tract infections, kidney problems, food allergies, etc… to plain old lamb and rice formula, sensitive skin and stomach, or hairball prevention.  Science Diet now has the Metabolic food which allows you to promote weight-loss and healthy nutrition, while feeding a larger amount of food to your pet!

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